Benefits of Volunteering

There’s a brand new volunteering opportunity coming soon to a town near you! Sign up for volunteering in Canberra, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, or elsewhere. What could be more fun than being part of a day full of fun, colour, laughter, and joy? Sign up today to volunteer at the Colour Frenzy Colour Run to be part of the action. You may find yourself manning the registration tent, colour station, water station, or helping with setting up and packing down. It’s a whole heap of fun being amid the buzz of excitement!

The Colour Frenzy Fun Run is an event where people run while having colourful powder thrown at them. The participants have a fantastic time getting messy while running or walking around a track. There’s a foam/bubble station, market, and face painting as well. Many families come along and make a whole day of it. However, it couldn’t happen without the help of our incredible volunteers who generously donate their time to our event.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are so many fantastic reasons to volunteer. Meeting people, helping others, confidence, just to name a few! There are so many benefits, but we’ve distilled it down to just a few to let you know some of the best things you’ll get out of volunteering.

  1. Meet New People

By volunteering with us, you will get to meet loads of new people. Chat to the participants as you manage the water station, meet and greet with your fellow volunteers, and more! You will be working as part of a team all day, so there are plenty of opportunities to get chatting to the others in your group. Volunteering can bring you a brand new experience you’ve never had before, with brand new people you’ve never met before.

  1. Develop New Skills

Whether you’re setting up, handling registrations, or performing any other tasks, you will be learning new skills. This is one of the most enjoyable methods you will find for learning how to do new things. Skills you will learn include interacting with people, customer service, organisation, and time management. Adding volunteer experience to your CV is also a great way to show your philanthropic side to potential employers.

  1. Help the Community

Guess who the real benefactors are of your volunteering? Local pet rescues! Each of our Colour Frenzy Fun Runs aims to raise money for the local pet rescue centre. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 for each rescue we are involved with. These centres aim to get abandoned pets off the streets and into forever homes. Without our fabulous volunteers, our events couldn’t go ahead, and we wouldn’t be able to raise money to help animals in need.

  1. Boost Your Confidence

Maybe you have a hard time meeting new people or aren’t sure you have any skills to offer. When you start volunteering, you can gain heaps of confidence through pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and realising that you can do a lot more than you thought! That’s what makes volunteering such a wonderful experience for so many people.

  1. Volunteering Is Great for Your Mental Health

One of the benefits of volunteering is that it’s great for your mind. It’s a fantastic way of relieving stress and anxiety. There’s no doubt that being around hundreds of people having a fantastic time will help to lift your mood as well. One study has even shown that volunteering makes people happier. This was found through measurement of brain waves and hormones and volunteering had a profound effect on these in participants.

  1. Have A Great Time

It’s no secret that our Colour Frenzy volunteers have a ton of fun while helping out at our events! That’s why we have volunteers coming back time and time again to our fantastic function. Come and be part of an incredible community of volunteers for an entertaining day out.

How to Become a Colour Frenzy Volunteer

Becoming a Colour Frenzy volunteer is super easy; just register online on our website to become a volunteer. Fill out your information including which location you can volunteer at, your name, age, phone number, and email address. Then we’ll be in touch with you to organise the details.

On the day, we ask you to show up at 7.30 am and be available to help out until 10.30 am, so it’s not a large time commitment for you. We provide you with heaps of freebies including a sausage sizzle, cold soft drinks and water, a Colour Frenzy t-shirt and hat! All of this for just a couple hours of your time.

To register as a volunteer, you must be at least 13 years old and able to work unsupervised in a group. Those are the only requirements and if you meet them, we would be pleased to have you along as a volunteer!

Register now to volunteer and come along to join the fun!


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