Colour Frenzy is excited to offer schools in Australia the fundraising idea of engaging in a frenzy of colourful happiness to raise thousands $$. The school fun run fundraiser event encourages both physical activity while building school community and comradery amongst students and staff. A Colour Frenzy school fundraising event provides an excellent opportunity to raise all of the funds for your school fundraising initiatives in a single event.

Our school fun run fundraiser options are COVID safe too; There are DIY options, or we can host them on your behalf, meaning that you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. It’s easy!. Our professional crew will arrive, take care of the entire set-up, give you automated tools for participant registration and parent permission, we’ll MC the event, create the atmosphere, and we’ll take the equipment away, clean up and leave you only with great memories and more funds for your school projects.



There’s no doubt that school funding in Australia is getting harder and harder, so our school fundraising fun run, is a great alternative to raise funds. Many schools are raising thousands in a single day but what’s more important is the future you create in the school with this event. It’s fun, you’ll get to witness a touch of entrepreneurship from children that get involved in the fundraising activities and it creates a great foundation for new connections amongst both kids, and staff. If you’re looking for School funding in Australia of up to $5000, then perhaps a school fundraising fun run is a better idea, if not in addition.


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