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Glow Frenzy

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Glow Colourful Happiness

Imagine a warm evening with a sense of magic in the air; the excitement is growing, you can almost feel it. As the sun sets, you and hundreds of other illuminate and energize the night sky to create one of the best Katherine events you’ll ever experience. You’ll be pioneers of the first Glow Edition, with four UV colour stations, obstacle stations and our ever-so-loved foam station with rivers of bubbles.

Dress in neon colours, add some glow sticks, then jump, walk, jog, skip, hop or run with friends and experience the perfect combination of fun, laughter and colourful clouds of happiness. It’s one of the most fun things to do, Katherine wide for all ages and all abilities. 

Colour Frenzy’s Katherine’s events are colourful fun runs that re perfect for non-alcoholic work functions, kiddies birthday parties, family days out, or just laughing and making memories with your mates. Join the fun; we’d love to see you

Colour Frenzy’s Glow Frenzy Katherine Events Include

  • Free giveaways
  • Free professional photographer
  • Kids under 5 for $5!
  • The best of all memories to make and things to do in Katherine