Colour Frenzy 2020 Tour

Our goal for our events in 2020 is to help all the amazing Animal Rescues across Australia. It is something that the Colour Frenzy Team are passionate about! 

In Australia we are lucky to have so many people in 100’s of rescues helping out animals who are just looking for there forever homes. Without these rescues a lot of these animals would be on death row for no reason except they cant find a loving owner.

We want to help support and give back to the many different rescues in Australia who do so much for any and all animals

If you are part of an Animal Rescue and are interested in working with us in 2020 to bring a Colour Frenzy to your area and raise funds please contact us through email or on our Contact us page.

To everyone who is looking forward to attending one of our Colourful Fun Walk / Runs next year, Thank You! We could not do this without you.