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Raising Funds For Schools

Our story starts with a Queensland family who had the idea in 2017 to host a fun run which has now transformed into family fun and raising funds for schools. The simple purpose was to get people active and moving more, but after witnessing the laughter, smiles, feedback and joy from our first events, we continued the Colour Frenzy journey, bringing colourful clouds of happiness to schools all across Australia.

We’ve introduced to schools and communities what we think are the best ideas for family fun and raising funds for schools that Australia has ever seen. To raise thousands of dollars in a single event for a school or charity is rare, but our Colour Frenzy events, in combination with schools that want to improve their facilities, is the perfect recipe for making memories and hitting school goals.

We have now held over 40 events, and we’re raising funds for schools all across Australia. We have sent over 50,000 people through their local communities, covered head to toe in colourful happiness; we’ve captured over 10,000 colourful photos, and we’re only just getting started. It’s such a wonderful cause to be part of.

Colour Frenzy has raised over $100,000 for different schools, clubs, charities and groups across Australia and will continue doing so for many years to come, but what we’ve enjoyed most is the warmth and feelings we get from experiencing magical smiles from kids and teachers. We are a family fun and movement focused event provider offering an experience for all ages of school students, including teachers.

What better way to raise funds for schools 🙂

Meet the Colour Frenzy Team!

Lauren Fickling

Family Fun Australia Wide


Clayto Bielby

CEO - founder


Kylee Bielby



Jono Leidig

The host with the most


Small events, big smiles

Each year we receive more feedback from our participants, and as a result, there are new family fun activities and ideas for raising funds for schools. These include foam & bubble stations where school students can wade through a river of bubbles. We have obstacle stations to challenge yourself with, and it’s so much fun when teachers are motivating students in action. We also do this while keeping our event cost-effective to operate so we can raise funds for schools without having a huge amount of cost taken from the proceeds. It’s Australia’s best school fundraising idea.

Affordable Events

Keeping the events simple, fun, bright and colourful is our aim while also raising funds for schools. We don’t have expensive tickets prices, so all kids can be included no matter their situation; it’s affordable. We make memories that students will remember for a lifetime.

The aim of a school fun run is not to be competitive but to be all-inclusive. To bond students, and for teachers to show their fun side to help students and teachers get along also. Each Colour Frenzy station students go past will have teachers or volunteers ready to shower them in colourful happiness. Imagine the laughter.

Once you are finished, make sure to grab some photos from our free professional photographer, who will be walking around.
Over 80% of our Colour Frenzy students walk our events, skip jump or hop. You can determine any distance you wish to complete. It’s not competitive; just be sure to have fun!

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