The Most Fun Of all Jobs For Volunteers

If you’re looking to help out at your school this year as a Parent or a Helper this is the perfect fun day for you.

We’re dedicated to ensuring a colourful day for all volunteers, and if you love making people happy, then this role will give you warm & fuzzies.

You can help with covering everyone in Colour and be right in the centre of the action and responsible for bringing tears of joy to the children.

Join the Fun!

To join in the fun, all you need to do is contact your school and ask if they need any more helpers for the day.

Every little bit helps and you will also be helping towards making sure the Colour Frenzy fundraising event is perfect with lots and lots and LOTS of Colour!

The best memories are made from the most fun days with friends and looking back on the laughter, joy and smiles.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Join Your Schools Colour Frenzy as a Volunteer!