Environmental green events

Proudly green events

  • We supply reusable water bottles, reusable race pack bags, and our coloured powder is safe and made from cornflour.
  • We really are embracing our green events initiative. Our race pack collection is paperless! Just show your ticket on your phone & be sure to bring your photo Id (tickets must be in your name)
  • Our coloured powder and our foam/bubbles are 100% non-toxic to humans, animals and mother nature.
  • Our coloured powder is made from maize/corn starch, and or bubbles are not dishwashing liquid, unlike what people think. 100% Safe and 100% non-toxic means that we’re proudly hosting green events.

Ways to reduce our environmental impact.

  • During the next six months of 2021, we are set to release our biodegradable sunglasses made from renewable wheat fibre to help reduce our plastic usage.
  • We are also replacing all our plastic packaging with paper packaging, starting with our Sunglasses, water bottles and working on new ways to package our coloured powder too!

If you’d like to learn more about why Colour Frenzy hosts green events, or if you’d like to make additional suggestions, we’re all ears. We know our coloured powder is the best on the market, not only for the environment but also for the animals, nature and washability out of your clothes. Any ideas, send em through 🙂