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School Fundraising Ideas, Australia-Wide

If you’re scratching your head for the best school fundraising ideas Australia has on offer, then Colour Frenzy events might be just the ticket. There’s no better idea that’s more enjoyable for students, teachers and parents to get involved in if you need to raise school funds. Colour Frenzy fun runs can help you to raise thousands in a single event.


Teachers love it.

Imagine clouds of colourful happiness, students grinning ear-to-ear and laughter on what could be their most enjoyable memory they take from school.  What’s best is that you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll arrange the entire fundraiser for you. We’ll host, we’ll assemble the gear, and we’ll clean before we leave. It’s easy.



Don’t lift a finger

  • Hosted Colour Frenzy events are designed to be 95% hands-free for you and the school staff; It’s a turn-key solution for you while being a whole lot of fun and presenting bonding opportunities with the students and families. We’ll set it up; we’ll staff the events, give out prizes, take care of almost everything and even do the cleanup. Of all the school fundraising ideas, Australia-wide, Colour frenzy fun runs are the most rewarding, both financially and emotionally. 



DIY events

  • Do-it-yourself school fundraising events are perfect for regional schools that are remote ,and the exercise becomes cost prohibited.  When we conceptualised Colour Frenzy, we set out to provide the best school fundraising ideas, Australia-wide, and that means all Australian schools should have the same opportunities and not miss out. As a result, we all of the equipment to you, we send detailed instructions, and we can help on the day with phone support for how to run the event. We provide tools to help with the money collections and your student registration.


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School fundraising ideas Australia-wide are our bread & butter. Intrigued? Reach out; we'd love to help your school financially.