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Raising Funds For Schools Australia-Wide

Colour Frenzy is excited to offer schools in Australia the fundraising idea of engaging in a frenzy of colourful happiness to raise thousands $$. Our school fun run fundraiser event encourages both physical activities while building school community and comradely amongst students and staff. A Colour Frenzy event provides an excellent opportunity for raising funds for school initiatives; you can raise thousands in a single event, and the best news is that we do almost all the work for you. It’s very easy.

Raising Funds for Schools Is Easy

When raising funds for schools through our hosted events, we first give you a series of email templates to be sent out to the parents of your students. These templates will have a link that direct the parents to register the students. The page will be branded with your school colours, so parents feel a sense of familiarity. It’s very easy, professional and you can add your own touches to the communications if you wish. Collecting payments is easy with our online tools, and you’ll be sent detailed reports of child attendance. You hardly have to lift a finger.

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