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Healthy Active Kids

Colour Frenzy fun runs, encourage healthy active kids in Australia.

It’s a great, outdoor non-competitive event for all abilities, all ages and brings out the entrepreneurship in the students that thrive in the fundraising space.

With options like Foam Machine, Cargo Nets, Inflatables and Colours Stations.

It’s frenzy of colourful happiness where everyone wins and everyone gets a medal!

Non toxic Colour Powder

Our colour powders are 100% non toxic and allergen free. They’re made out of cornstarch, but we also give students eye protection (sunny’s) and caps.


You’ll have happy healthy active kids returning home.

How To Dress

Students should dress in white, any old Tshirt will do our you can join the fun and get a “I Did the Colour Frenzy” shirt for ever lasting memories.


With over 98% of parents and partispants letting us know that colour washed off/out with ease you dont have a worry in the world.


Sunscreen is essential for obvious reasons, but it’s also a great barrier if you’re worried about sensitive skin and the colour powder.


It will wash right off and as mentioned, it’s non toxic.

Everyone Wins

Most students walk, run, skip or hop. A fun run is exactly that – FUN! It’s non competitive but everyone gets a finisher medal.


There are spot prizes, and prizes for those who raise the most funds for the school initiative.

Cyber Safety

Students will have their own online profile, but they’ll use an avatar and their full names will be private.


They can share their profiles with family and friends, raising money towards their goals and incentive prizes.


Safe, healthy active kids are our priority.