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Fun Run For School Students


What To Expect

We are excited to let you know that your school is hosting a Colour Frenzy fundraiser fun run for school students.
In just a few weeks, your child will be running, skipping, walking or crawling their way around our special Colour Frenzy track in clouds of colourful happiness.

A Fun run for school students will almost always have five different colour stations, a bubble station and inflatable obstacle stations, all with music, so children of all ages have an absolute blast!
Memories that will last a lifetime!


Instax Camera

Electric Scooter

NRL Football

Rainbow Salon

Ride On ATV 12v

Fundraising Prizes

A fun run for school students wouldn’t be complete without prizes for the best kiddo fundraising efforts. Each student has the chance to win some amazing prizes.

We have a great fundraiser lined up for your school as part of the event, and students who participate and help us raise funds will be named and rewarded.


How To Register

As a parent, all you need to do is find your school and sign up your child below, and in the coming days, you will receive a link to your child’s personal fundraising page.

Simply share the page with family and friends, and you’re off to a great start. On the day of the event, everything is taken care of by the school and/or the Colour Frenzy team.

We do suggest wearing a white shirt to get colourful in. This can be any old white shirt; the colours wash right out with ease. Better yet, join the fun and grab an “I did the Colour Frenzy” t-shirt as a memento.

A fun run for school students is the best way for kids to make new friends, get exercise and help the community.


Find Your School's Fundraising page

Simply start typing your school name, the address, or the postcode of your school below, and you'll be directed to your schools personalised fundraising page.

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