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School Fun Run fundraiser

Colour Frenzy is excited to offer the very best of all school fundraising ideas. Australian schools, even in the most remote of locations, now have a way of engaging in a frenzy of colourful happiness to raise thousands $$.

We provide the best school fundraising ideas Australia has seen, and this includes the encouragement of both physical activity while building school community and camaraderie amongst students and staff. Not to mention, you’ll be empowering little entrepreneurs to go out and hustle to raise funds with the bonus of winning prizes.

A Colour Frenzy fun run as a school fundraising idea provides an excellent opportunity to raise all of the funds your school needs within a single fundraising event. You’ll get the results, and there will be smiles ear-to-ear.


WAnt Us To Handle Everything?

Our school fun run fundraiser options are COVID safe too; There are DIY options, or we can host them on your behalf, meaning that you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. It’s easy!.

Our professional crew will arrive, take care of the entire set-up, give you automated tools for participant registration and parent permission, we’ll MC the event, create the atmosphere, and we’ll take the equipment away, pack up and leave you only with great memories and more funds for your school projects.

School funding Australia

There’s no doubt that school funding is getting harder and harder, so we’ve unleashed our school fundraising ideas, Australia-wide. They’re a success formula that works for all schools, no matter where in the country they are. Colour Frenzy fun runs are a great alternative to raise funds while bringing happiness and laughter to all of those involved.

Many of our schools are raising thousands in a single day but what’s more important is the vision and future you can create in your school with additional resources purchased with the funding from this event.

It’s fun, you’ll get to witness a touch of entrepreneurship from children that get involved in the fundraising activities, and it creates a great foundation for new connections amongst both kids and staff. It’s by far the best school fundraising ideas Australia has on offer.

If you’re looking for school funding in Australia of up to $50,000, then perhaps the school fundraising idea of a Colour Frenzy fun run is a better choice.

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