Sponsoring A School Event

There’s a better option than donating to a school; instead, you can sponsor a Colour Frenzy Fundraising event that teaches the students entrepreneurial and negotiating skills while fundraising. It’s fun for everyone, bonds the teachers with the students, not to mention the community. It’s the case of teaching them to fish, whereas donating to a school does none of this.

Our team & events have brought a frenzy of colour, excitement and laughter to over 60,000 people’s lives over the past few years. So many smiles, laughter and perfect colourful photos that are remembered for a lifetime. Get involved by sponsoring a school, and you’ll be impacting many, many lives.



What’s In It For You?

If you have a business that would like to engage in supporting your community schools, then we’ll name and fame you giving you great brand recognition. If you’d like to remain anonymous, then donating to a school might seem more appropriate, but you wouldn’t be responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of smiles while generating a similar¬† amount of funding for the school of your choice.

Learn More About Sponsoring An Event

Sponsoring an event starts with connecting with Colour Frenzy's management team to ensure your brand is a good fit for the school. If not, we can also help with donating to a school anonymously. Submit your details below, and we'll be in touch soon.