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Movement + fundraising ideas Australia

Our story starts with a Queensland family who had the idea in 2017 to host a fun run.

The simple purpose was to get people active and moving more, but after making so many people colourful in our first event, and after the fantastic feedback, smiles & memories, we continued the Colour Frenzy journey, taking amazing colourful fun events across Australia.

Since our first run, we’ve introduced what we think are the best fundraising ideas Australia has seen. It’s hard to raise thousands in a single event, but Colour Frenzy events combined with fundraising ideas for kids, fundraising ideas for sporting clubs and donating to animal rescue tends to do exactly that.

We have now held over 80 events and fundraising ideas across Australia in 26 different locations, with additional locations, added every year.

Over 100,000 people have become colourful, taken over 25,000 colourful photos, and we’ve given over 800 amazing companions cardholders free entry tickets.

Colour Frenzy has raised over $130,000 for different clubs, charities and groups across Australia with fundraising ideas and the goal to raise over $250,000 for animal rescues in 2023 and 2024.

But what we’ve enjoyed most is the warm and fuzzies we get from seeing smiles, ear to ear.

We are a family and movement focused event designed for all ages.
Join us and have a blast 🙂

Meet the Colour Frenzy Team!

Lauren Fickling

Fundraising Ideas Australia Wide


Clayton Bielby

CEO - founder


Jono Leidig

The host with the most


Small events, big smiles

Every year we listen to our participant’s feedback and bring in new exciting stations. Foam & bubbles were on the menu in 2019, and obstacle stations in 2022. We cant wait to show you what’s new, coming at the end of 2024 too.

We are always striving to find the balance between as much fun as we can pack into the events and affordable prices for families while remaining the best option of fundraising ideas Australia has seen.

Keeping the events small but bright colourful is our aim; no expensive tickets prices, no big fuss, just super fun, colourful mornings for everyone to become rainbows and lots of photos!

The aim is a fun run (or walk or jog). You can choose how far you wish to walk or run! Each Colour Frenzy station, you will go past our station helpers who will make sure you have plenty of colour over you.

Once you are finished, make sure to grab some photos from our free professional photographer, who will be walking around.
These will be available to everyone within a couple of days after the event, free of charge. Don’t forget to pick up your finisher medal too!

Over 80% of our Colour Frenzy people walk our events. You can do any distance you wish; It’s all up to you.

Don’t forget it is not a race; it’s an untimed event, do it at your own pace and enjoy all the laughs, smiles and fun.

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