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3125 nights of safety & love

Animal Donations Goal

It costs approximately $32.00 per night for animal rescue foster care, so our goal is to convert your animal donations, money raised, sponsorships and more all into providing 3125 nights of safety, warmth, shelter and love.

$100,000 / 3125 Nights

Every animal deserves a loving and caring home


Become a rescue supporter or sponsor & save lives

Rescues do an incredible job of helping pets find their forever homes, so your animal donations really do make a significant impact. We understand not everyone can foster an animal or adopt more, even though we might like to.

We have three different ways you can still help and make a difference!

First, Looking forward to attending your local Colour Frenzy?  Donate when you purchase your Ticket!

Second, Know someone in business looking to connect with their local community? Become an event sponsor!

Third, Want to make a direct difference? Bring along items of use to the event. Food, Bedding, Toys, It all helps!

Help make a difference in animals lives. We want to take the pressure of the rescues so they can focus on finding animals their forever homes.

Donate With Your Ticket Purchase

Make a donation when purchasing your event tickets or merchandise. Every dollar goes towards our goal and helps the rescues find every animal a loving and caring home. Please help.

Become A Sponsor And Help

Connect with your local community while helping out your local rescue all in one. Over 50% of your sponsorship will go directly to the rescue, and you'll be gifted a thank you package as a token of our appreciation.

Bring Along An Item To Donate At The Event

Rescues are always in need of everyday items, from food to toys, towels to cleaning products. You can bring items along to your local event, and Colour Frenzy will give you a pouch of Colour to say Thank You!

Connect with your local community today!


Join now, be a part of Colour Frenzy & make a difference.

Sponsor your local event

One of the many ways Colour Frenzy raise money for rescues is through our Sponsorships, with over 50% of our Sponsorship money raised going to the local rescue for your event.

We have great packages for our sponsors to say a big thank you for your help! Packages start from $350 for Rainbow right up to our National sponsorship level packages.

Colour Frenzy collecting animal donations

Since 2017 Colour Frenzy has been working with Animal Rescues to raise over $44,000 dollars, helping them give every animal a chance to find their forever home.

Combined, we have raised over $100,000 for Rescues, Charities, Sporting groups and Clubs in Australia.

Our goal is to collect animal donations and raise $250,000 Australia wide and help support the rescues by giving them a fundraising event without taking away the time they need to run their animal rescues.

Donate Or Sponsor Today!

Thank You To Our Current And Past Event Sponsors!