Colour Frenzy Courses

Fun Activities & ALL Abilities

Our course tracks are always designed jam-packed with activities and to suit all abilities and all ages. You’ll experience the choice of an easy loop track between the size of 1km and 1.65km, depending on your location. We love to keep our tracks shorter to suit both our older and younger participants.

You can choose to do one lap or all the laps and activities along the journey. Smaller children usually only do one lap while getting dowsed in colourful happiness, and adults tend to do all of the laps (up to 5km). It’s 100% up to you!

Our courses are wheelchair friendly and all ability events, with our aim to keep the main loop track on paths as much as possible; some are on grass. Most attendees walk the tracks, enjoy the fully-fledged all-ages activities, smile and make memories.

For more information on your locations track, Choose your location


St Joesphs School Katherine - 1km


Weston Park Canberra - 2.5km


Limestone Park Ipswich - 1.25km


Bicentennial Park Darwin - 1.25km


Queens Domain, Hobart - 2.5km

North Lakes, Brisbane

Lake Eden, North Lakes - 1.65km


Heritage Park Launceston - 1.65km


Bonython Park Adelaide - 1.65km

Sunshine Coast

Kawana Foreshore (Sunshine Coast Stadium) - 1.25km


Victoria Park - 1.65km
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