Colour Frenzy Merchandise

The Perfect addition to make your Colour Frenzy day!

We have our white and colourful Colour Frenzy T-Shirts to suit everyone! From Child size 0 to Adults size 5XL.

Our shirts are made from Polyester to help hold the colour on the day for your perfect photos and also quick dry material designed to be breathable while you walk, jog or run (even crawl!).

Colour Frenzy Tutu’s come in 3 sizes, Childrens, Adult Small and Adult Large.

You wont find tutus as big as ours in the shops! Ours are specially made to suit our founder Clayton so he can run around in our 5xl shirts and Large tutus at our Colour Frenzys.

Children’s T-Shirts

Size Width and Length
Size 0 Width 24cm –   Length 36cm
Size 3 Width 29cm –   Length 40cm
Size 5 Width 32cm –   Length 45cm
Size 7 Width 36cm –   Length 51cm
Size 9 Width 39cm –   Length 56cm
Size 12 Width 44cm – Length 62cm

Adults T-Shirts

Size Width and Length
Size XS   Width 48.5cm – Length 66cm
Size S      Width 51cm –     Length 68cm
Size M     Width 53.5cm – Length 71cm
Size L      Width 56cm –    Length 74cm
Size XL   Width 58.5cm – Length 77cm
Size 2XL Width 61cm –     Length 80cm
Size 3XL Width 63.5cm – Length 82cm
Size 4XL Width 66cm –    Length 84cm
Size 5Xl  Width 69cm –     Length 87cm


Children Small Tutu 30cm to 45cm Circumference
Adult Medium Tutu  45cm to 75cm Circumference
Adult Large Tutu  75cm to 115cm Circumference


Join us in making the world more colourful in 2021!