Tips for a fun day out

A fun day out with Colour Frenzy

We design fun & amazing colourful events, but an easy clean up is a must!

While this is designed to be a fun day out, and our fun run is designed to make you as colourful as one can be, we don’t want to leave you permanently painted.

Check out some of our helpful tips below created to help you get clean after a fun day out in a colour frenzy fun run.


Before the fun begins!

We want to help make the colour removal easy after the event. All you need to do is to make a few preparations before the run begins. Not only will this help you with colour removal, but it will also make you a lot more colourful during the run itself and a fun day out without mess.


TIP #1

Want to keep your skin protected from paint stains and sun exposure? Opt for a soothing moisturiser. A good sunscreen with moisturiser is an excellent choice to create a barrier and achieve both objectives, ensuring a fun day out.

TIP #2

Planning on participating with lightened or coloured hair? Use coconut oil, olive oil or your favourite conditioner to create a barrier. This helps to prevent permanent hair colouration while you participate in the course.

TIP #3

All of the colours we provide and supply are 100% safe for use. However, we want to ensure that you are completely safe at all times and have a fun day out. For this reason, endeavour to wear a hat and use the sunglasses we provide if you do not come along with yours. This keeps your eyes protected from colourful powder floating around as you go..

TIP #4

Keeping your phone protected and fully functional is easy! All you need to do is bring a clip seal bag for all of your gadgets. Capture the moment, take great pictures and keep them free from coloured powder. It’s a win-win for you!

TIP #5

To prevent excess colour from spreading around and into your car on your way home after the event, bring a change of clothes or a towel to sit on in your car. At the end of your fun day out, head to the registration tent after the photoshoot and brush yourself off to remove the excessive colour from your skin.

When the fun run is finished!


Brush down

Our team has made a lot of brushes available for you at the registration tent. Head there after the fun run and brush off as much powder as you can before jumping into your car or onto the bus. This makes cleaning easier and also prevents colour from spreading all around you.



It’s been an amazing, fun day out at the Colour Frenzy fun run. Once home, jump in for a shower using colder water as soon as possible.

If you implemented the tips we provided before the fun run, then wash out the conditioner or oil from your hair and skin and let the colour wash off slowly down the drain. We understand that there might be a few hints of colour left behind on your skin/hair. But with the mentioned preparation, that this will only take a few washes to be eliminated completely.


Lets Get Colourful!