Super Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Coming up with fresh and exciting ideas for a birthday party for all of your children every single year can be a huge challenge! Kids don’t want to have the same party twice, and it’s more fun for you as well, if you can dream up new ideas to ensure that you keep topping last year’s big birthday bash.

If you’ve already sent out the invites, you’ve got a group of children rocking up to your place whether you come up with something or not, so you’d better get your thinking hat on and come up with a plan before they run riot in your home!

Whether your kid is five and super into crafts, or you want to plan a birthday party that will make your 12-year-old the envy of his friends, we’ve got you covered.

Attend the Best Fun Run of Your Life!

For a truly memorable birthday, you can’t go past the Colour Frenzy Fun Run! Happening in cities all over Australia this year, this event is no ordinary fun run. Dress up in crazy outfits, tutus, onesies, costumes, anything goes! The kids line up at the start, feeling excited and jittery while waiting for the whistle to blow. Newly unleashed, they will race around the track, trying to beat their friends, as they get coated with a variety of colours, and they’ll be laughing and having an absolute blast the entire time. Watch the kids battle through the foam/bubble station as they try to keep moving while getting covered in foam and then make it past the crawling obstacle course by getting down and dirty while they race to victory. You might even want to join them and experience the fun for yourself. Age is not a factor, whether you’re 3 or 93, you can walk, run, or crawl along the course, so feel free to invite the family too!

This event is the perfect chance for your kids to celebrate their birthdays with friends with an experience that they will never forget. If you want them to have the birthday of a lifetime, this is your chance. Get them and their mates together to laugh, get colourful, and take plenty of pictures to commemorate this special day. There will be plenty of food and drink stalls around, too, so you can recharge the kids and keep the fun going, even after the race. This is ideal, as you can all grab a bite to munch on while watching your child open their birthday gifts. Get your tickets now before they run out!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

If your kid thrives on a bit of a challenge, finding ideas for a birthday party can be tricky. Have you thought about creating the best treasure hunt ever just for them? This one will be highly dependent on the area you live in, so you’ll need to do some sleuthing to figure out the best spots to send the kids to. You will create a trail of clues, eventually leading the kids to the final treasure.

Start by giving the kids a clue card with a rhyme or riddle for where the next clue is, for example, if you popped the next clue in a tree in your backyard, the clue could be, I have a trunk, but I’m not an elephant. Eventually, these clues will lead the children to the final treasure, you could even create a pirate map, where X marks the spot. Bury a box full of gold coins and fake jewels for the ultimate surprise! Pirate costumes optional. The great thing about this party is you can simplify it if your kids are younger or come up with some really tricky riddles if you’re doing it for tweens.

Pinata Party!

Pinata parties are always a hit with kids of many ages. Simply grab an empty pinata from your local party store and go nuts filling it with treats, preferably ones that are not heavy, as when the pinata breaks, these could rain down on the kids. That way, you can choose what the kids get. Fill it with lollies, (wrapped) marshmallows, or even confetti if you don’t mind spending the rest of the day cleaning up.

The kids will take turns whacking the pinata with a stick, this can be a good way of letting them unleash their energy, especially after the sugary treats have been served! Eventually, it will break, releasing the goodies, and the children can grab as many as possible, kind of like a lolly scramble.

Jewellery Making Bonanza

Kids who enjoy arts and crafts will love making their own jewellery, guests can keep their new treasures and take them home to show off to their parents. This is much easier to set up than you’d expect. All you need are some fabulously colourful beads, thread to put them on, clasps, and pliers, easy!

Kids can spend hours selecting their beads, threading them onto a bracelet and matching necklace. Then you can help out by adding the clasp and securing it on with the pliers, or let the kids do it themselves if you can trust them not to hurt themselves. This is an easy way to spend an afternoon full of laughter and fun, as well as offering every guest something that they’ll treasure forever.

Throw Your Own Colour Party

Are you ready for a colour frenzy? You can now buy a Colour Frenzy Party Pack to create the ultimate colour run in your own backyard! With plenty of vibrantly coloured powder for kids to throw on each other to get crazy colourful, these packs are a great way to create an unforgettable birthday party. Dress the kids up in hats and sunglasses in a kaleidoscope of colours, and they are ready to start the fun!

Begin with a classic egg and spoon race, where kids sprint to the finish line while trying not to lose the egg. First to the end with the egg intact wins! Next up, it’s time for the sack race. Each kid chooses a sack and battles it out, hopping madly to the end. Finally, pair up the kids for a three-legged race. Tied together, they will struggle to make it to the end. Will they achieve victory or fall flat? It’s all part of the fun! Get organised and buy your Colour Frenzy Party Pack now.

Make a Splash with a Pool Party

If your child has a birthday in one of the hotter months of the year, what better way to celebrate than with a pool party? This is an excellent option for older kids who can entertain themselves for hours by diving, swimming, and racing each other in the water. You can easily find fabulous floats in crazy shapes like flamingos or pizza at local stores to add to the fun!

If you don’t have a pool, what about your local swimming hole? Get everybody out into nature and go swimming at a waterfall or lake. If you find a suitable river, you can even bring along some boogie boards so the kids can race each other, just make sure that everyone you invite is a strong swimmer.

Create an Outdoor Oasis for a Magical Movie Night

It can be hard to entertain older children at a birthday party. They might be too old for pin the tail on the donkey, but no one is too old to love movies! Create a movie night with a difference by turning your backyard into a magical oasis. Intertwine fairy lights around the trees and fence, set up some blankets and cushions on the ground, and find a projector to display the movie on a fence. Or you can put a sheet up on sticks to act as your movie screen.

Then, go ahead and have a private screening of your kid’s favourite movie, or maybe the latest Netflix releases. Pop some popcorn, hand out ice creams, and make the night into an experience your kid will go nuts for!

Glow in the Dark Party

Get your best fluoro out of the closet, it’s time for a glow in the dark birthday party! This type of party is super easy to throw together, even at short notice. You’ll just need to get your hands on some black lights to turn your house into the ultimate glow in the dark disco. Make sure you’ve got some great tunes going and tell everyone to show up in fluoro or white so that they will glow bright once inside. You can get some glow in the dark painting going, grab some glowsticks, and your kid will have the night of their life! You could even find a fluoro gift or two to add into the party bags to match the theme. If you want to be the cool parent, this is definitely the one to go for.

Try out one of the above birthday party ideas to easily throw your kid the birthday bash of a lifetime! Most of these don’t take a ton of pre-planning, so you can just put it together and then sit back and relax as the kids have a blast.






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