Fun Things to Do with Kids

Many parents struggle with fun things to do with kids to keep them entertained during weekends and in the school holidays. What do you do when you’ve already played every board game, gone to every playground, and seen every movie?

If you are all out of ideas, fear not because the Colour Frenzy Fun Run is here to save the day! This is a fantastic event designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. When you’re taking the kids on a day out, often you end up doing something that they want to do even though it’s deathly boring for you. The Colour Frenzy Fun Run is the opposite of that, as it is fun for people of all ages! From 2 to 92, you can have a wonderful time at this awesome event.

What Is the Colour Frenzy Colour Run?

One incredible event could be just the thing to bring your kids along to without falling asleep yourself. No more nodding off during a kids’ movie, being bored to tears playing games, or carrying your child through the zoo.

Introducing the Colour Frenzy Fun Run! This run is the perfect thing for your whole family to come along to. Why not invite the uncles, aunts, cousins, and make it a whole family get together?

The run involves dashing around a specially-designed track while getting shrouded in vibrant coloured powder. Play around throwing colour bombs at each other, laughing and having the time of your life! It’s like paintball but much less painful and a whole lot more fun for the wee ones.

What better way to let your kids enjoy getting messy than when you don’t have to deal with the clean-up yourself? There’s nothing more relaxing than letting your kids make a mess and then just walking away and heading home without guilt.

Don’t worry, there is no need to run if you don’t want to. More people end up walking around the track than running it as it’s a ton of fun either way. This makes it much easier for the little ones to join in as well, which is why we say it’s a fabulous time for people of any age.

Even better, there are many more activities to get involved in on the day as well. Get soapy at the bubble/foam station. Let the kids chase bubbles around, tiring themselves out so they will certainly sleep well that night! The kids can get their faces painted for free, making them even more colourful!

There is also a market area where you can check out the funky wares for sale and a food truck area with tasty bites when you’re worn out from running around. Don’t worry, we have you parents covered – the markets open up at 7 am so you can grab your crucial morning coffee to get perked up before the day’s activities.

Children under 5 get to come along and join in for free! This means that your younger ones can follow around their big brothers and sisters rather than missing out on all the excitement. They will even get a full race pack just the same as their siblings, including a water bottle, colour pouches, sunnies, and wristband.

Pet Rescue Donations

One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is teaching your children about values. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of having children. At Colour Frenzy, we are all about doing good. So, why not help out local pet rescues while having the best day of your life?

When you buy your tickets to the race, you have the option of also making a donation to a local pet rescue centre. These centres are there to get animals off the street and avoid euthanisation of unwanted pets. The services they offer focus on the rehabilitation of these animals and finding them forever homes with loving owners ready for a companion.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to adopting a pet, donating to these organisations is a great way to get your kids involved with a charity and learning a lesson about respecting animals.

So far, Colour Frenzy has raised a whopping $38,000 for pet rescues around Australia with the help of our fabulous supporters. But we’re certainly not going to stop there. Our next big goal is to hit the $100,000 mark to help even more animals in need.

Buy Your Tickets

Tickets for our upcoming events are disappearing so quickly we can’t believe it! Buy your tickets online today to secure your place in this fantastic option for fun things to do with kids. Keep them occupied and entertained while you also get to have a fantastic time. Come along and make a day of it with the whole family. There’s something for everyone at these events and you don’t even need to enter the race if you’d rather just watch from the sidelines with a coffee in hand.


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