Regional Schools

Alternative School Funding Australia

We have an alternative to school funding Australia! Instead, if you’re a regional school that needs extra funding, we have great school fun run fundraising options for you where you can raise thousands in a single event. It’s both fun and easy with our tools and online systems making it almost hands-free for you.


DIY Fun Runs For Regional Schools

If your school is reasonably remote and it’s usually hard to get people to visit, then our DIY fun run events are perfect for you. We can send you all of our equipment, instructions on how to run the event and on the day, we can phone support you if you need it. With a DIY event, you’ll be reducing costs and keeping nearly all of the proceeds for your fundraising goal. It’s a great alternative to school funding Australia.

Fill in your detail below, and we’ll send you a detailed info pack with your options. We’re happy to help with any questions you have.

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