9 Events that are Perfect for Family Fun

9 Events that are Perfect for Family Fun

Whether your little ones enjoy getting messy, like singing along to music, or just love experiencing something new, there’s something for everyone on this list. We’ve compiled a bunch of events and activities across Australia that are perfect for family fun so that your family can enjoy a day out while bonding, laughing, and having a wonderful time.

Often, half the battle is finding an event that everyone will enjoy. You might have toddlers as well as older children, making it extremely challenging to find an activity that the whole family will look forward to and talk about for weeks to come!

We’ve done the hard work for you of finding some exciting events, so sit back, relax, and book in some activities for your next free weekend or the upcoming school holidays!

1.      Get Colourful at the Colour Frenzy Fun Run

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Our top pick for family fun is The Colour Frenzy Fun Run that has been a smash hit across Ozzie for years now, and for a good reason – it’s an event that the thousands of participants will never forget. Simply choose your distance, and then walk or run the course as you and the kiddies get coated with colourful powder.

Not only that, but under 5s get to run for free, so they don’t miss out on all the fun their big brothers and sisters are having. They’ll even get the same race pack with a pair of sunnies, a water bottle, and a colour pouch!

This event is not just a quick run but a full day of fun, with an arts & crafts market that includes plenty of stalls from local vendors. You can also take advantage of the free face painting, prizes, and giveaways and grab a bite from the food trucks to keep the kids’ hunger at bay. This experience also features five colour stations, the famous foam/bubble station, and a brand-new crawling obstacle station suited for those from 0 – 100 years old!

So, get out there, get covered in colour, and have a blast! It’s the event your family will be talking about all year long. Book your tickets to a Colour Frenzy Fun Run in a city near you today, as they are selling fast!

Colour Frenzy Fun Run Dates:

29 August 2021 – Cairns

12 September 2021 – Mackay

12 September 2021 – Bundaberg

19 September 2021 – Newcastle

19 September 2021 – Toowoomba

26 September 2021 – Perth

3 October 2021 – Sydney

3 October 2021 – Wagga Wagga

10 October 2021 – Melbourne

17 October 2021 – Bendigo

24 October 2021 – Ballart

31 October 2021 – Albury

7 November 2021 – Adelaide Night

14 November 2021 – Wollongong Night

21 November 2021 – North Lakes Night

2.      Have a Laugh at the Brisbane Comedy Festival

Laughter is one of those universal things where it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 55; you likely love to have a good laugh! That’s what makes the Brisbane Comedy Festival a fun event for the entire family. Go along and watch comedy acts perform their hearts out. You never know; it may inspire a love of comedy in your child or teen. You could even encourage the kids to come up with a comedy act of their own after the show, to perform for you and the rest of the family. Comedy is an excellent way of improving children’s confidence and wit, so head along and unleash your child’s inner comic.

3.      Head to a Market

Bundle up and visit one of your local markets this winter – there’s sure to be one near your home, no matter where you live. With a hot chocolate in hand, you can explore stalls from local sellers – most markets have everything from paintings to skincare and everything in between! Your kids will love marvelling at all the handmade toys, and many will even have activities for the kids to do, like a jumping castle or games like a three-legged race. Meanwhile, you can enjoy local artisanal food, pick yourself up some new jewellery, and enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

4.      Check Out the Winter Village

The Winter Village is set to transform the Northshore Riverfront of Brisbane this winter. After its stint in Brisbane, this family-friendly event is set to head to Adelaide and Perth, as well as return to Melbourne. This outdoor event kicks off in June and turns the area into a winter wonderland your kids will love. There will be an ice-skating rink, so strap on those skates and teach the kids how to glide on the ice! After you’re all exhausted from a few too many falls, you can take a break at the nearby bar & kitchen to grab some food. Plus, you can enjoy snow showers and an entire igloo village.

5.      Have Fun with A Colour Frenzy Party Kit

If your children are often at a loose end during the holidays, or have a birthday coming up, this is the best time to try out the Colour Frenzy Party Kit! Take the hassle out of planning a birthday party or day of fun for your kids and their friends with one of these easy-to-use kits.

While it won’t be exactly like the real event, this is a whole new experience in itself that’s a ton of fun! Purchase a kit online, and you’ll receive the famous multi-coloured powders, colour stations, and games. Just follow the instructions to set up hours upon hours of entertainment.  Get the party started by buying your party packs here.

6.      Get Putting at Mini Golf

Are you ready to put your golf skills to the test? Find a mini-golf course near you for hours of fun with the kids. You’ll connect and bond with them so much more when you get them off their devices and out having fun with you. You could even make it a challenge, such as whoever wins gets to pick where you go out for dinner. This will encourage some healthy rivalry as well as plenty of laughs and fun as you all aim to score a hole in one.

7.      Go Rock Climbing

If your children love heading to the parks that have those mini rock-climbing walls, you could blow their minds by taking them to an actual rock-climbing centre. When your kids are bored and climbing up the walls, it’s time to do something about it! Take them along, strap a harness on them, and let them clamber up the rock walls using the foot and handholds. This is an excellent way to get them to expend their energy, ensuring that they will sleep soundly that night. Any rock-climbing centre will have climbs with a variety of difficulties, so your kids can choose the wall that suits them. You could even put on a harness yourself and race them to the top!

8.      Get Lost in the Wilderness While Camping

You don’t want to actually get lost, but why don’t you head out into the wilderness to get lost in the beauty of nature? A family camping trip is always a fun time! You don’t even have to stay overnight – the kids will still enjoy the challenge of pitching a tent just to hang out in it for the day. You can build a campfire and grab your billy to make some delicious hot chocolate or cook some damper for a fun snack. This is a great way to teach kids some basic life skills, such as finding tinder to build a fire, pitching a tent, and tying knots. This can be an engaging activity for your kids that gets them out of the house and being active while having a great time.

9.      Take a Walking Tour

Have you ever been on one of the walking tours in your city centre? If not, it’s about time you got to know the area you live in a little better. This will give your kids the chance to learn more about the history of their hometown, and you’ll likely also get to see many of the local attractions along the way. You may not be able to travel and see the world right now, so why not take the opportunity to get to know the city you call home?

If your kids need the chance to run around and use up all their energy, try taking them to one of the above events. Any of these are sure to guarantee a day of excitement and adventure, and most importantly, tired children who will happily fall asleep at the end of the day.


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