Fun Things to do With Kids in Australia

Fun Things to do With Kids in Australia

Kids can run rampant if you don’t have enough sorted for them to do. You can’t just keep them cooped up inside, or they might end up driving you nuts. The planning of activities can feel endless, and most parents find that they run out of ideas within the first few days. However, there are plenty of things to do in Oz, from the bucket list-worthy to just having fun at home. Keep your kids under control by trying out some of our suggestions for fun things to do with kids!

Get Active

Colour Frenzy Fun Run

Our top suggestion is number one for a reason – the Colour Frenzy Fun Run is beloved by kiddos and adults alike across Australia. This unique experience blends a whole bunch of things that kids love – getting messy, vibrant colours, and a chance for some friendly competition.

Head along, and you and the kids can walk or run along with hundreds of others, all while getting colourful powder thrown at you. This exciting experience will be the highlight of your kids’ school holidays or weekend! Take them to an event they’ll be bursting to tell their mates about.

The Colour Frenzy Fun Run now features five colour stations as well as a bubbles station where the little ones can spend ages running around chasing bubbles. Plus, there’s now a crawling obstacle station.

If your aim is to get the kids out of the house for the day and exhilarate and exhaust them so they’ll actually go to bed and sleep soundly that night, this fun run is an unmissable event!

If you’re now considering taking your kids along to the next Colour Frenzy Fun Run in your city, you’d better book quickly as tickets usually sell fast. See the list of dates below to see when the next event of a lifetime is coming to a town near you!

Colour Frenzy Fun Run Dates:

29 August 2021 – Cairns

12 September 2021 – Mackay

12 September 2021 – Bundaberg

19 September 2021 – Newcastle

19 September 2021 – Toowoomba

26 September 2021 – Perth

3 October 2021 – Sydney

3 October 2021 – Wagga Wagga

10 October 2021 – Melbourne

17 October 2021 – Bendigo

24 October 2021 – Ballart

31 October 2021 – Albury

7 November 2021 – Adelaide Night

14 November 2021 – Wollongong Night

21 November 2021 – North Lakes Night

Strap on Some Roller Skates

Encouraging the kids to be more active can be a real challenge, but the key is to find a sport that they enjoy. Not everyone loves rugby or cricket – if that sounds like your children, have you ever tried to suggest roller skating? This speedy sport is popular amongst kids of all ages, as it’s an exciting mode of transport. Your kids will love zooming off in front of you once they get the hang of their skates. This is a natural way of getting active that feels like a fun activity, not exercise. So, if you have kids that aren’t into sports, this could be the ideal solution. You could even get some roller skates for yourself and join in the fun!

See a Quokka

Classic Aussie experiences should be part of any childhood – if you live near Perth and haven’t taken your children to Rottnest Island yet, it’s about time you did. Rottnest Island is one of the only places you can see the adorably chubby-cheeked Quokkas in their natural habitat. Go for a walk around the island and see how many you and the kids can spot!

Colour Frenzy Party Kit

If you’ve collected a houseful of kids either for a birthday party, or over the school holidays, a great idea can be to acquire a Colour Frenzy Party Kit. It’s not 100% the same as going to a real event, but creates smiles ear-to-ear, none the less. You can easily purchase these online, and you’ll be given, non toxic, washable colourful powder, colour stations, games and instructions that all add up to hours of entertainment. Just be sure to have your camera making snaps, it’s an absolute blast.

Buy your party packs here.


Your Local National Park

There are plenty of national parks across Australia that are filled with beautiful scenery and exciting walks. One example is Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory. If you live up Darwin way, this is the ideal day trip. Head along and check out the gushing waterfalls and lush woodlands. The kids will enjoy looking for fairies in the forest or taking a dip in one of the many local plunge pools at the bottom of a waterfall. No matter where you are located in Oz, it’s likely that there is a national park within a few hours’ drive from home.

Get Creative

Teach Them How to Garden

Many parents don’t even think to get their kids involved in the garden; however, this can be a ton of fun! Your kids can grow their own veggies or plan and plant a flower garden. What could be better to foster their creativity than working with flavour, colour, and getting dirty in the process?

As the vegetables become ready for picking and eating, you could use this as an opportunity to get the kids cooking too. There is a great sense of achievement and pride that comes along with growing and cooking your own vegetables or seeing your flowers bloom – open your kids’ eyes to the wonders of nature in your own backyard.

Make A Bird Feeder

There are plenty of unique birds in Oz, so if you have some little nature lovers on your hands, why not build a bird feeder? This activity is an excellent example of fun things to do with kids as it’s ideal for kids of all ages; just adjust the type of bird feeder you create to suit their skill level. Add some birdseed, and hopefully, you’ll soon have birds of all types fluttering onto your property.

Make a game out of it and challenge your older children to see who can spot and name the most different kinds of birds. Depending on your location, you could see kookaburras, honeyeaters, magpies, and more; you’d just better hope you don’t attract a cassowary!

Get the Kids to Write a Play

If your kids are not outdoorsy, there are still plenty of creative things you can do with them. Ask them to write a play and see what they come up with. You may have to offer a suggestion for the plot to get them started, but then hang back and let their imagination run wild writing it.

If they are still struggling, you could always ask them to write a play based on their favourite book. Ask them what they think would happen next if the book continued and write a play about it. They may even enjoy acting out the play for you with their friends or siblings. This is an excellent way to spark creativity and imagination. You may be surprised by what they come up with!

Get Cultural

Community Involvement

As we all know, it’s important to teach children about giving back, and what better place to start than in your own community? Find out what community groups or charities are around your area. Many will run a regular beach clean-up or other activities that encourage you to come along and do some good in the community.

Find out if there are any events coming up in your area, or even call the organisation and ask if there’s anything kids can do to help. Failing that, you could always get the kids to run a garage sale at your place and choose a charity to donate the proceeds to.

Have A Themed Day of Activities Based on a Country

If you’re stuck for fun things to do with kids, ask your children which country they would most like to learn more about, and create a day of activities based around this country. You can make food from that country, listen to music from that country’s musicians, and learn to say hello and goodbye in their language. For example, if they choose France, you could make crepes, listen to La Vie en Rose and find some online activities for learning French. Learning about other cultures is an excellent way to build empathy in children and also capture their attention. The theme will make the day exciting as well, not just another day of baking muffins and reading books.

Sightseeing in Your Own City

See your city through a tourist’s eyes by sightseeing in your own city. Often, locals of a popular place haven’t even seen the attractions for themselves. Bring your kids along and have fun pretending like you’re visiting your city for the first time! If you’re in Sydney, head over to the Harbour Bridge. Melbourne dwellers can head to Federation Square or the Royal Botanic Gardens, while those in Brisbane may visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Or head over to the promenades of South Bank to swim at Streets Beach and enjoy some food at a local restaurant.

That’s it for our list of fun things to do with kids, although we’re sure you’ll come up with plenty more of your own ideas.




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