How to Plan an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

As a parent, you just want the best for your child and that includes fabulous birthdays that they will remember forever. Are you stuck for ideas on how you can make your child’s next birthday one that they will love and look back on with fond memories? Don’t fear, that’s exactly why we’re here. Have you considered doing a Colour Frenzy run for your child’s next birthday party? If your child was born between August – November, we have the perfect event happening for you across those months in 2020.

The Main Event

To plan an unforgettable birthday, you need to decide on the one big activity you’re going to do. It has to be exciting, different, and a whole lot of fun. You don’t want it to be something that you already do with your kids all the time like going bowling or swimming.

What do kids love? Getting as messy as possible, of course! Splashing around getting soaked in water, jumping in puddles, kicking up mud, getting paint all over themselves. But when they are doing this at home and tracking all that gunk all over the place, it’s not a lot of fun for us, the parents! All-in-all, this is what makes the event of a colour run a fantastic idea for your kid’s birthday party.

‘What is a Colour Frenzy colour run?. A colour run is a fun-run (or walk!) that you can do as a family or with your child’s friends. It’s the perfect idea for a kids birthday and a huge party where you get absolutely covered in non-toxic, environmentally, magic colour-dust while running around a track. Everybody arrives wearing white t-shirts, Tutu’s, crazy costumes and all designed in white clothing. By the end of the day, there will be no speck of white to be seen, just lots of colourful memories.

Our Colour Frenzy colour run is an event designed for all ages and you don’t have to do the 5km run, instead, you can opt for 1km or 2.5km. This is the perfect length for kidies! More people walk than run the course as it’s not designed to be a race, just a fun time, playing with friends and making memories. The slower you walk, the more opportunities you’ll have to get coated in colour-dust.

You can come wearing your own white clothing or make it extra special and buy the tickets that come with a Colour Frenzy t-shirt, as we like to offer different pricing options to make this event affordable for everyone. This shirt will be a fantastic memento of the amazing day you arranged for the kids.

The event also has food trucks so you can grab a bite to eat afterwards and the kids will just love the free face painting. They’ll love the colour Frenzy Marketplace, the giant bubble foam cannon and you might even score yourself a prize!

Before You Go

Before you head out to go on the event of your little one’s life, there are a few things that you can do to get ready for it. While all of the colours used are 100% safe for you and your skin, you don’t want you and your children to be covered in colour for the rest of the week so here are a few tips and tricks to avoid this!

  1. Protect your skin

You don’t want your child getting sunburnt on their special day! Before you head in, make sure that you slather on some sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Adding some moisturiser afterwards can also make the paint easier to wash off later.

  1. Protect your hair

If you have coloured hair, or you or your children have pale hair, you may want to protect this from picking up colour as well. You can do this by covering your hair in conditioner or olive or coconut oil before you go. Then afterwards, this will simply rinse out easily.

  1. Sunnies

Make sure that you’re wearing sunglasses while you’re going around the course. Although the paint is fully safe, getting anything in your eyes can irritate them. You don’t want your kid’s special day ruined by sore eyes!

  1. Change of clothes

There’s no way that you want all that colour to get on your car interior. That’s why recommend bringing along a change of clothes so that you can take off your colourful clothes before getting into your car.

  1. Wear white and have the time of your life!

Lastly you, of course, want to wear white before you head along on the colour run! This will make sure that all of the paint shows up to full effect and your kids have an absolute blast. Keeping these will be both mementos they can keep forever and handy painting clothes for the next time they are going to get messy.

If you’re wanting ideas for kids birthday parties, and your kids love getting messy and amongst the action, this will be a wonderful experience that they will remember for years to come. Give them an unforgettable experience where they will get absolutely covered in paint – with no messy clean-up for you!

All you need for the ideal birthday party for your child who loves getting messy is tickets to the Colour Frenzy event. We are coming to a town near you between August – November 2020 so keep an eye out for dates in your city. Snap up tickets as soon as they go on sale because they disappear quickly. You don’t want your kid to miss out on all the fun.

See event details here.


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