The Perfect Idea for Your Next Corporate Event

Are you stuck on what you should do for your next corporate event or business function? The search is over, we have an ideal solution for you. It’s called the Colour Frenzy colour-run and it’s time to save-the-date, because we’re coming toto a town near you soon. Your next corporate event or business function can be a special, unforgettable experience for your whole company, at very little cost.

Why Hold A Corporate Event?

Corporate events are fantastic for team building and helping your employees to bond. It gives them something to prepare for collectively, as well as having a whole lot of fun on the day!

It’s also a great way for people to interact across your company in a relaxed and more valuable way than the usual day-to-day communications . Staff may bond with others that they have never truly connected with, despite working at the same company for years. A Colour-run can break down the walls of formality across your organisation and can be the start of some incredible collaborations.

Ultimately, holding a corporate event is fantastic for your bottom line because you can increase employee engagement, foster company loyalty, and offer your employees a fun day out at very little cost.

The Perfect Corporate Event

So, what’s the ideal corporate event that all can be involved in and open to? Often the hardest task is finding an activity that the majority are fond of. You’re usually faced with half the people liking an idea, and the other half not liking it.

You want something that gets people talking and engaging with each other, but most of all it needs to be a whole heap of fun, without dramas or office gossip.

We feel that getting a team together to do a Colour Frenzy colour-run, is the perfect corporate event idea. This is a fabulous day out that everyone of all abilities, and all ages can enjoy.


Colour Frenzy is a colour-run that’s not competitive at all; it’s a casual walk, run, skip or hop alongside colleagues, with foam canons, colour explosions, dress-ups and most importantly loads of fun for corporates who sometimes find themselves taking life too seriously around the office.

You fire-out an email to your work colleagues and put together your best team of participants that are going to make the day a fun one. Your team support will be helping local animal rescue organisations, as Colour Frenzy are raising $100,000 for animal rescue and we donate to the local organisations, in the towns where the colour-runs are held.

Then, as the day draws closer, your team will choose their costumes, setting the tone of fun & light-hearted comradery.  Maybe you’ll hold a quick team catchup, & browse our online store for ideas. Just imagine dressing the boss in a tutu??

The idea – All come dressed in white clothing – t-shirts, dresses, tutus, whatever you like.


Share transport, bring your A-game, dress in your white costumes and be prepared for some seriously colourful action. Our Colour Frenzy Colour-run is a 5km track, but most people only complete 1 to 2 laps which is around 1km each lap -  It’s easy.

You’re at the starting line, the crowd around you (Covid-safe) is humming with excitement, their bottles of colour ammunition are locked & loaded, ready to unleash.

BAM, the cannon sounds, and you’re off. You see a familiar face, you reach for your hip, grab a bottle and fire a colour explosion in their direction…

although you know that revenge is sweet. You’ll be next and possibly teamed up against.

Here comes the colour station. There’s no way your pristine whites are going to survive this obstacle monitored by sharp-shooting patrons.

The rest is what you make it. Just think of those snaps you can put up in the lunchroom for everyone to enjoy and relive the moment.

As a momento, you could choose to get everyone a Colour Frenzy colour run t-shirt along with their ticket, as a fun and colourful memento of this unique and wonderful corporate event.

On the day, you’ll work up an appetite after zooming around the track,  so there will be an area with food trucks where you can stop and grab something to eat. There’s no better bonding than breaking-bread and of course, our delicious tacos! There will also be the Colour Frenzy Marketplace to browse around in, spot prizes, and a giant bubble foam cannon. Your staff will have no end of exciting activities to participate in this well organised corporate event.


Why Choose A Colour Run For Your Corporate Event?

When selecting a corporate event, you need to think about what you’ll get out of it at the end of the day. The Colour Frenzy colour-run offers the following:

Great Value

Corporate retreats and such can cost your company thousands upon thousands of dollars. By contrast, the Colour Frenzy colour run offers fantastic value for your organisation. At just 70AUD per person for the warrior pack, each person will get a ticket, t-shirt, hat, tutu, sweatbands, and colour pack. At a corporate event venue, you will spend that amount per person on food alone for the day, not to mention the cost of the venue, facilitator, materials, and more!


Many corporate events involve a facilitator talking for hours or conducting less-than-exiciting team building activities, and In all honesty, most people zone out within the first half-hour. By getting involved in a Colour Frenzy colour run, your staff can’t help but be engaged! They will be out in amongst the action at their own pace, getting covered in colourful happiness and having laughs, giggles and sharing stories.


When you’re running a corporate event, ideally you want a buzz going around the office prior to the event because people are excited about it. With the Colour Frenzy colour run, people will be discussing what white items they are going to wear and what their game plan is for getting covered in the most colour possible. This build-up adds to the fun of the actual day – give your employees something to look forward to. More importantly though, it’s the buzz after the event that keeps the memories alive.  Just imagine what next years colour-run will be like and how the office vibe will thrive.

Giving Back

We hear the words ‘corporate responsibility’ thrown around a lot recently and many corporate events hold golf days to raise funds for charities. Organisations giving back to the community is becoming more and more expected in these modern times and a colour run is the perfect opportunity. When you buy your tickets to a Colour Frenzy Colour-run, you have the option of adding a donation to Animal Rescue. Why not add a donation for each person and include in your regular newsletter that you all did the run and supported charity at the same time?

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, notably a whole lot of colour, by participating in the Colour Frenzy colour-run. It’s the perfect idea to make your next corporate event next level, and to turn it from a snooze fest into something that everyone is eager to come along to! Grab the tickets for your next corporate event now before they sell out.

Check our website for the event closest to you here.


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