Why You Should Get Behind Pet Rescue Centres

Pet rescue centres do a ton of fantastic work in local Australian communities. Whether it’s cats, dogs, or other animals, these centres take in the animals and take care of them until someone decides to adopt them. They can also find foster homes for pets in need which keeps them safe and off the streets.

The Colour Frenzy team has been hard at work supporting rescue centres across Australia since 2016 with their Colour Frenzy Fun-Run events that you can get involved in either as a corporate sponsor, or as a participant. It all counts! We are passionate about this because we believe that every pet deserves a loving forever home – adopt, don’t shop! Since then, we’ve raised $38,000 for these shelters but we aren’t stopping there – our next big goal is to raise $100,000!

What Are Pet Rescue Centres?

Many people move away and need to rehome their pets. If this happens, and they can’t find a friend or family member to take in the animal, they can give it to a pet rescue centre in their local community.

Unfortunately, this happens more than you may think. Each year, thousands of pets around Australia are abandoned by their owners. Unless new homes can be found, these pets often get euthanized. This is, however, entirely avoidable!

The services provided by rescue centres include finding new homes for unwanted pets – foster homes in the short term and facilitating adoption in the long term. This can stop the need for euthanizing cats, dogs, and other animals.

Benefits of Rescue Centres

No-Kill Shelters

Unfortunately, numerous shelters will euthanize an animal they can’t find a home for. That’s why it is critical to provide support to no-kill shelters who will never use euthanasia as a last resort. Instead, these shelters will commonly desex pets so that they can’t keep adding to the overpopulation problem.

Animal Health

Many centres have vets on hand to ensure that all of the animals are in fantastic health before they try to find a forever home for them. This ensures that any adoptive pet parents can be certain their new pet is healthy.


Not all animals are safe for the environment, other animals, and humans to be around. In this case, pet rescues put a lot of effort into retraining these animals so that they are safe to be around.

Man’s Best Friend

As we all know, dogs are mans’ best friend. Or maybe you prefer cats. Whichever animal people end up adopting, they will end up bonding with and making a friend for life. This is critical for mental health and companionship for many people.

Why Pet Rescue Centres Need Your Help

The cost per night of having an abandoned animal in a foster home is $32. Given that it often takes weeks or months for pets to find the perfect home to adopt them, this cost adds up!

That’s not to mention all of the vet bills, retraining, and food that the centres need to purchase. It is a costly exercise to keep abandoned pets alive, which is why many shelters resort to euthanising the animals.

Without the support of local communities, these shelters wouldn’t be able to continue functioning.

How You Can Help

We know that not everyone is in a position to volunteer or adopt a dog, cat, or other pet. However, there are still other ways that you can help, whether that’s through donating to the cause or becoming a rescue supporter.

Colour Frenzy has a team of rescue supporters who raise money for local pet rescues in their communities. Their goal is to reduce the burden on these shelters by volunteering to raise funds for them to continue their important work. This allows the people at these shelters to not only have more money to treat the animals but more time spent taking care of them.

When you become a rescue supporter, your job is to encourage others to donate to the cause. You can do this by participating in a Colour Frenzy Colour Run. Here are the 3 simple steps to becoming a rescue supporter:

  1. Register to become a rescue supporter and create your fundraising page in just minutes.
  2. Share that page with anyone you can think of – colleagues, friends, family, whoever! These people can donate to shelters via your page.
  3. Inspire people to donate by sharing images online through social media educating people on rescue shelters.

Finally, you’ll participate in the fantastically fun Colour Frenzy Fun Run. Raise money by running around a track getting coated in colourful powder and having the time of your life. Get some friends together and you can all fundraise and run together for an unforgettable experience that also helps animals in need across Australia.

Contact us today to find out more about becoming a rescue supporter and start supporting pet rescues!


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